1000 Goals In FIFA 18? One Gamer Tried To Break The Game!

Ever been completed wrecked in a game of FIFA? How about 1000 – 0?

There’s always got to be someone who decides to break every video game, and FIFA is no exception. Youtuber xAcceptiion took it upon him to try and push FIFA 18 to its limits. His goal? Finish a game with a score of 1000 – 0. To accomplish the feat, he took an all-star team and matched himself against the relatively weak India, set the half length to twenty minutes, and set the sliders to max.

We could already assume that this challenge is pretty much impossible to complete. At half-time, he was only able to score a total of 107 goals – that’s right, only 107. Amateur. Twenty minutes later, he finished the match with a score of 244 – 0. One thing we were able to learn from this experiment: the score indicators actually max out at 20! 

Stacey Williams
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