Nando's Have Just Launched A Huge Menu Shake-Up

Change is afoot at Nando's, with a whole host of delicious-looking new dishes available on their menus from today, Tuesday 14th May.

Let's be honest, most of us have got our go-to Nando's order down by now, right? You don't even need to open the menu before marching up to the counter to order your usual - whether that's 5 wings - hot - with Peri Peri chips, corn on the cob and a bottomless drink or a lemon and herb butterfly burger with Macho Peas and garlic bread.

There are even plenty of options on the Nando's menu now for your veggie or vegan mates like the Veggie Cataplana or the Mushroom and Halloumi burger.

However, the next time you go for a cheeky Nando's it might be worth opening the menu up and giving it a look over before falling back on your classic order - as the chicken chain has just launched a range of new dishes for summer - and they sound seriously good.

With three new salads as well as new regular and Fino sides, your favourite Nando's meal may be about to change...

Check out the video above to see the new range for yourself!

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