McDonald's Workers Reveal The Best Hacks To Pay Less For Your Food
McDonald's Workers Reveal The Best Hacks To Pay Less For Your Food
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McDonald's Workers Reveal The Best Hacks To Pay Less For Your Food

Check out these tips that will help you ensure you're paying less at McDonald's and getting the best experience possible!

You may have noticed that slowly but surely the prices at McDonald's have been rising. According to testimonials from former employees, there are a few tried and true ways to make sure that your order is fresh and doesn't break the bank.

The first technique: customise your order's ingredients. If you ask them to add or remove toppings to your hamburger then they will prepare it fresh instead of just taking a pre-made one off the rack. Another example, if you ask them for fries without salt then they will have to make new ones.

This one may seem a bit fussy but if you're looking to get something fresh to order, think about asking them to prepare your food with a slight variation. If you ask them to dice the tomatoes on your burger instead of slicing it then they will have to prepare a new one. Or if you order eggs, then you can ask them to prepare it differently instead of just getting the standard scrambled eggs. According to some employees, the scrambled eggs are not always the best quality.

Obvious, but not one we often think of - the Happy Meal. The Happy Meal is very popular on the menu and if you don't need the toy then tell them. They will reduce the price of your meal and you will have extra money flowing in your wallet. You can even grab yourself a second burger is you're feeling extra hungry.

The most unknown tip out of them all - ask for a receipt. Asking for a receipt at a fast-food restaurant is not common and if you ask for one then the employees might think you're a mystery shopper and so they could treat you differently.

There you go, you've now got all the tips you need the maximise your fast food experience the next time you pop over to McDonald's for a Big Mac.

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