Egypt Is No Longer The Country With The Most Pyramids In The World

Contrary to what one might think, Egypt is not the country that has the most pyramids. There are ‘only’ 138 Egyptian pyramids.

Egypt Is No Longer The Country With The Most Pyramids In The World
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They are the most famous, the most rich in discoveries and they amaze thousands of visitors every year... and yet, the Egyptian pyramids are not the most numerous!

With a total of 138 pyramids, Egypt is indeed behind Sudan, which has no less than 220. Less well known, but no less impressive structures.

Built during the empire of the Kush civilisation, the Nubian pyramids are also funerary tombs erected in honour of the kings and queens of Nubia.

Pyramids all over the world!

What distinguishes them from the Egyptian pyramids: the pyramids of Sudan are smaller and sharper, and have remained in a remarkable state of conservation for more than 10 centuries. Moreover, those of Méoré are the best preserved. They were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011.

There are also pyramids in Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, China and the Amazon. The list goes on... enough to broaden the horizons of Egyptology lovers!

Check out the video above to see what the Sudanese pyramids look like - they're pretty different from the Egyptian ones we're used to seeing!