Caught in a Tornado, This Man Decided to Start Filming and What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

An accident that fortunately did not cause any damage.

Some people often take unnecessary risks to continuously grow their community on social networks or simply make big headlines. This man would probably agree.

This reckless American man set out to follow a tornado with his car. The impressive scene took place in Missouri, in the United States. The video is worth it.

As he approached the tornado for better footage, the man suddenly got caught inside. His camera was still recording the natural phenomenon. It can be observed in the recording that the car deviates from the road before turning around completely. This loss of control of his vehicle could have cost him dearly.

The video provoked a strong reaction from many Internet users. Luckily, the incident did not cause any damage and the man said he was fine: "nothing broken, nothing dislocated, just a little blood on my hands".

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