Nine Dead And More Missing As Storm Gloria Rages On In Spain

Massive 50-foot waves crashed over Spain, plunging over rooftops in Majorca—the deadly storm continues to plague the European nation by producing foam, blizzards, and floods.

Coast of Spain Storm Gloria
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Coast of Spain Storm Gloria

The crazy, unbearable weather in Spain has tragically claimed the lives of nine people so far, and more are reported missing. Unfortunately, the deadly combination of 50-foot waves, foam, blizzard, and floods has residents and tourists in the ultimate survival mode.

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News reports share that the north mainland is mostly without power due to the crazy winter storm. Meanwhile, people on the Balearic Islands should expect more rain and winds.

And a 50-foot wave stunned residents and holiday goers on Menorca island. Some say the wave was the biggest Spain has ever seen. Valencia also had 28-foot waves hitting its region.

Images snapped along the coastline show a surplus of seafoam blanketing the area. Some may mistake the foam for piles and piles of snow—it’s that high off the ground.

Residents in Catalonia should also expect Gloria to haunt their area with floods and intense rain as well. To make matters worse, several people have been reported missing amid the crazy storm.

Search crews are currently looking for a 25-year-old British man who may have been swept away with the storm. Meanwhile, they had to stop searching for a 27-year-old who went missing after abseiling due to horrible weather conditions.

Unfortunately, another 67-year-old went missing after their car was taken with the storm. It’s a horrible, terrible storm, which has now taken the lives of at least eight people, but potentially more. Feel free to check out our video above for more information about the deadly storm sweeping over Spain.

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