This huge carpet python devours a possum in an upside down stunt

This video of a python swallowing a possum whole upside down just proves that once again Australia is the destination for all of the Earth's freaks of nature.

Carpet Python enjoys a possum
© Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7
Carpet Python enjoys a possum

One innocentAustralian family were meandering around their house on the 13th of May when they noticed that out in the back yard acarpet python was dangling from their roof while trying to consume a whole possum.

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While we can't blame the python for chasing a good meal it sure would have been a weird sight to see.

Stuart McKenzie, a snake catcher was called out to the house on the Sunshine Coast and was shocked to see the 6.5ft snakehanging from the roof with a very fat possum dangling from its mouth.

Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

McKenzie decided to wait for a whole hour for the snake to finish his meal before intervening because well... that's just the polite thing to do. The snake catcher stated:

I knew if I tried to take it away right at that moment, it would likely drop its food and not want to eat it again. It’s just nature so the best result is that the snake gets it food as it is already dead.

After the hour was up Stuart moved the python and released it back into the wild a long way from the families home so the creature could digest in peace.

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