This Mexican Spider's Bite Can Rot Your Skin

Scientists recently discovered a spider species that has such a powerful bite that it can rot your skin. Thankfully, it’s not known to be a lethal bite—except for the fact that it can destroy at least 14 inches of your flesh.

Loxosceles Tenochtitlan
© Getty Images
Loxosceles Tenochtitlan

Spiders are called creepy crawlers for a reason—the can creep into your bed, your clothes, your furniture. And the Loxosceles Tenochtitlan is no different. Well, except for the fact that one bite from it can rot your flesh.

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We can thank Alejandro Valdez-Mondragon, a university professor and biologist, and some of his students for finding the Loxosceles Tenochtitlan. At least now people can know why their skin is rottingif they get bit.

They discovered that the beast comes from the Valley of Mexico area. But they originally thought it came from other Mexican states. Professor Valdez-Mondragon revealed to a local media source: 'As it is very similar to the Loxosceles Misteca we thought that it had been introduced to this region by the shipping of ornamental plants, but when doing molecular biology studies of both species, we realised that they are completely different.'

But now that they know the exact species of the spider, they can inform us of ways to prevent it from destroying flesh! Apparently, the savage beast likes to stay in furniture, walls, and cracks.

Professor Valdez-Mondragon says: 'We provide them with the temperature, humidity and food to establish themselves in our homes, which puts us at risk of having an accident with them, although they also perform animportant ecological function when feeding on insects.'

Want to learn more about the flesh-destroying Loxosceles Tenochtitlan? Take a look at our video for additional tidbits of information, including how to prevent the spider from hiding in your home!

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