Shocking Footage Shows a Man Punching a Kangaroo In the Face

A video is going viral on social media after being posted the first time on Snapchat. A man repeatedly punches a helpless Kangaroo on the face.

Shocking footage shows teenagers punching a kangaroo
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Shocking footage shows teenagers punching a kangaroo

This video was brought from New South Wales, Australia. A sickening momenttwo teenagers decided to attack a helpless kangaroo, the video starts with a young man pullingthe poor animal to ground and then repeatedly punching it in the face. The powerless marsupial desperately raises its paw to try and stop the man but tragically collapses to the ground.

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Senseless violence

Social media reckon the attack started way before the video, as eagle eye claimed that the kangaroo's back is already broken. It was suggested by an Internet user that the pair might have hit the kangaroo with their car, because of how weak the animal looks in the video.

The video drew an instant fury, and a Facebook post shared the names and pointed at the two attackers a created a fierce reprimand against the 'dead mutts' and 'absolute scum of the earth'. The reaction was in notable contrast with that to viral footage in 2016 showing a man slapping a kangaroo. Contrary to popular belief, kangaroos don't punch people nor each other in the face.

Animal cruelty

An RSPCA New South Wales spokesperson confirmed charges for animal cruelty towards a kangaroo have been pressedagainst the young boys. They told the Daily Mail:

We take all allegations of animal cruelty very seriously and this matter is currently under investigation. Everything that RSPCA NSW can do, which is appropriate and in accordance with the law, is being done. Privacy and legal considerations do not allow us to provide further information at this time.

In light of the wildfires that erupted in Australia earlier this year, experts estimate up to a billion creatures have been killed in the relentless infernos. The Australian government estimates that there are about 50 million kangaroos in Australia. The government is actually having trouble controlling the kangaroo population on the island and are encouraging people to hunt and eat kangaroo meat.

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