Expert warns of terror weapon in the form of COVID-like virus

The government will soon publish the results on the defence review. An expert on chemical weapons urges making biosecurity a priority.

Dear old Boris in his Sunday best
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Dear old Boris in his Sunday best

Since March of 2020, the world has learned how negatively and how diversely the coronavirus can affect individuals. Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon worries that national security may soon be affected.

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What is a defence review?

In such a review, the UK government decides on its overall defence policy and the means and resources to be used to achieve these defence objectives.

They take place when political or economic factors require it. The results of the current review of security, defence, development and foreign policy will be announced on Tuesday.

Colonel de Bretton-Gordon urges the government not to be negligent in ignoring the looming threat of an illegally introduced virus.

A man-made pandemic

The colonel explains that the worldwide spread of COVID-19 could serve as a template for terrorists, a how-to for crippling the world. Russia and China could also learn a lesson from the pandemic for the building of potent biological weapons.

He considers it likely that these countries have already started researching and manufacturing such weapons and advises the establishment of an international laboratory monitoring group:

I hope politicians don't put too much priority on bombs and bullets when in truth pathogens are a more realistic threat to British life.

A foreign policy for the people

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who does not want to be vaccinated for the time being, takes on the role of a man of the people and a proud Briton, and says about the document that will be published this week:

Our foreign policy is who we are as a country: Our values, our strengths and—most importantly—our people. That is why I am determined to ensure that we have a foreign policy that delivers for these people.

Johnson assures that he will now make his country competitive once more, despite yet another mutation rearing its head. He wants to invest more in communities again and ensure that Britain is at the cutting edge of innovation.

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