After Letting Archaeologists Dig in His Yard, They Made a Discovery Unlike Any Other

One ranch owner made an incredible discovery in his backyard and with the help of archaeologists, the discovery gave way to something even bigger.

Sak Tz'i' Archaeology Site
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Sak Tz'i' Archaeology Site

Back in 2014 a rancher in Chiapas, southeastern Mexico happened to be digging around his yard one day when low and behold, he discovered an ancient stone tablet. After thinking he had made the discovery of a lifetimehe told a friend who had just so happened to flag down Whittaker Schroder, an archaeology graduate.

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Schroder and a friend were working in the area and decided that they would pay a visit to the rancher to authenticate the treasured tablet.

The ancient tablet Fox news

The tablet must have been real as researchers then took four more years to gain permission to properly excavate the site. They gathered an international team and together they managed to not only keep the site safe from the rancher's cows but also uncovered something truly spectacular.The site, dubbed Lacanja Tzeltal, gave way to the ancient kingdom of Sak Tz'i', settled in 750 B.C. and occupied for 1,000 years.

Once the home ofthe cities elite and religious sites Sak Tz'i' contained a 1.5-acre plaza along with a 45-foot high pyramid and an ancient theatre it must truly have been a magnificent city. Sak Tz'i' is also said to be one of the earliest urban remains in the region.

They Made An Priceless Discovery While Digging Underneath This Ancient Theatre They Made An Priceless Discovery While Digging Underneath This Ancient Theatre