This Transgender Boxer Just Made History

33-year-old professional boxer Patricio Manuel just made his professional boxing debut as a man - beating his opponent Hugo Aguilar after four rounds. Whilst he's received a wave of support for this impressive achievement, there are still some within the boxing community who are determined to bring him down...

This Transgender Boxer Just Made History
This Transgender Boxer Just Made History

Becoming a professional athlete is seriously tough. As well as raw talent and skill, it takes the kind of resilience, determination and dedication that most of us just don't have in us to get to the top of your game.

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On top of this, Patricio Manuel had to overcome more than most. Back in 2012, Patricio (then known as Patricia), was already a professional female boxer and five-time amateur national champion and was even set to take part in the 2012 Olympics - before an injury took him out of the running.

However, in 2013, Patricio began his transition to male - taking on male pronouns and undergoing medical gender reassignment. Although he was afraid about the impact this would have on his boxing career, Patricio knew it was a vital part of his identity.

'I had always seen myself as a boy, even though society basically kept telling me no. And when I started going through puberty, it was like nature being like, no — you actually are a girl, no matter how much you don't want to be,' Patricio said.

Patricio started to box again as a male in 2016 - and this weekend he made his professional debut - and won! However, some of the audience were less than supportive of his win - with boos coming at the end of the match.

Patricio is staying defiant though, saying, 'I hear some fans aren't happy. It's OK, I'll be back. I'll make them happy then.'

Check out the video above to see Patricio's impressive win!

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