A boat mysteriously reappears 90 years after disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle

The cargo ship SS Cotopaxi was built in 1918 and disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle in 1925. It has since resurfaced...

© Austin Neill, Unsplash

The surfacing of shipwrecks is always something very special because there is a lot of history to discover: a German submarine from World War I is potentially just as exciting as finding the Titanic.

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A long-awaited return

In 2015, a ship which sank a few days after leaving Charleston Harbour in South Carolina (USA) with 32 people on board, was said to have resurfaced. It was on its way to Havana, Cuba, loaded with coal.

At the time of its 're-discovery,' it had been 90 years since the ship was last seen, and no one was able to explain the mysterious reappearance of the long lost ship.

The case of the SS Cotopaxi became so renowned due to its highlight in the Steven Spielberg film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind that was released in 1997.

Back to 2015—the ship allegedly drifted into a restricted military zone where it was later examined. The Captain's log on the ship would later confirm the identity of the vessel as the SS Cotopaxi.

This is not the first mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19, comprising five bombers, disappeared in 1945. The aircraft sent to search for them also suffered the same fate. This has greatly fuelled the mysteries of this area.

There are lots of sceptics, and no official sources confirmed the mystery of the SS Cotopaxi but it was said that the cargo ship did, in fact, exist and had disappeared back in 1925 and had been reported missing by American media from that era.

An elaborate hoax?

The appearance of the mysterious cargo ship is said to have been completely made up according to the Associated Press, the Cuban authorities denied the appearance of the fleet in 2017. A French newspaper Le Monde reported this is not the first incident of misinformation circulatingon the internet, and we should all take into consideration the facts we read and do our own research.

The story had initially appeared on a website called Klixony and claimed that the Cuban Coat Guards had discovered the ship. However, two years later, the claims were denied.

What do you think? Was the SS Cotopaxi even a real ship? Is it still drifting somewhere on the high seas? Is it covered up somewhere on a Cuban military base? We may never know the answers to any of these questions but there's something always a little fun about a mystery...

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