Pesky Thief's Hilarious Attempt At Stealing A TV Was Caught On Camera

An absolute muppet of a man has been caught stealing a TV worth £400 that had been delivered to a house's front porch from Walmart - but not without a struggle...

As always around the holidays, people are ordering their Christmas presents online. In the UK on a typical day, a driver has 150-200 parcels to deliver. That's about 30 parcels an hour in a 7-hour shift, or one parcel every two minutes! Couriers have so many deliveries to get done in one day that they often end up leaving our packages in plain sight for anyone to take if you don't answer the doorbell in record's time. This is exactly what happened here.

A TV up for grab

Stealing a TV has never been easier once it has been haphazardly left on the front porch of someone's home—of course, completely unattended. Unfortunately, the pricey Sharp Aquos 4K Ultra HD TV fell victim to a hooded thief who raced towards it as soon as he laid eyes on it and certainly didn't waste time in helping himself. Though, granted, it didn't go quite as planned...

Security cameras for endless entertainment

It seems the thief managed to get away with the TV, but not his pride thanks to the homeowner, Marsedah Diggs, whose security cameras caught the whole hilarious incident. Although, he couldn't quite see the humour as much as anyone else:

It was ridiculous. Everyone else who saw the video was laughing at the time. I wasn't laughing.

We don't blame him.

Check out the full spectacle above...

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