Beware of SIM-Jackers: They Can Take All You Own, In The Blink Of An Eye

Watch out! There’s a new form of hacker on the scene—Sim-jackers. What do they do? They gather all of your personal information and ask providers to change your number to an alternate SIM card—it’s sketchy stuff.

We share everything online nowadays—phone numbers, emails, full names, our current jobs, and more. You may think to yourself: I’m not interesting enough to get hacked. Well, breaking news, everyone’s vulnerable to hacking.

Want to know the scariest part? You don’t need to be a tech geek to hack someone’s SIM. (We hope this doesn’t inspire any ideas.) Because you can get caught and go to jail, so it’s probably not the best idea—just saying.

Between 2016 and 2018, SIM-jacking occurrences shot up by a whopping 60 per cent. This past September, two SIM-jackers from London stole £475,000. Thankfully, these robbers were caught and sent to jail.

Another SIM-jacker, Emanuel Poku, managed to hack someone’s phone and steal two million euro! He’s now sitting in a jail cell, too. Unfortunately, mobile banking and cryptocurrency have made people even more vulnerable to this new hacking phenomenon.

How do hackers steal personal information? It’s actually pretty simple (again, we hope this doesn’t inspire you to try it out yourself). Take a look at our video—it’s important to know so you can better protect your information.

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