"I'm White And Hot": Video Captured Of Racist Woman Hurling Abuse Goes Viral

A woman who was filmed lauching a racially-motivated attack on two women has now been fired from her job following the incident and now faces criminal charges.

Two women, Chele and Leisa Garris who were waiting on AAA outside a local parking lot in North Carolina, US due to car trouble. It allegedly wasn't long before another woman, Susan Westwood has approached them and began hurling racially-motivated abuse and harrassing the Garris sisters, as they began to film her in order to expose casual racism online.

In the footage, Westwood can be heard saying " I'm white and hot" several times as well as boasting about earning 5,000 (£97,700) per year. The full footage can be found above.

Following the incident, the video caused a massive reaction from online viewers with thousands of views, now having reached 1 million just days after the incident.

But that isn't even the worst part about the inebriated woman being exposed online. It seems that her employer had caught on and she has now been fired due to a clear violation of the company's code of conduct. What's more, is that she's now facing criminal charges as a result.

Well, that's a lesson learnt to say the least.

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