Coca-Cola Sparks Outrage And Confusion After Flight Passengers Were Served With 'Creepy AF' Napkins

After Coca Cola's branded napkins were called to be removed immediately by flight passengers, it's safe to say the soft drink giant may have missed the mark with their branding...

Soft drinks giant, The Coca-Cola Company are known for their quirky and light-hearted tone aside from the iconic fizzy goodness that is the Coke drink itself. In an attempt to continue that reputation, Coca-Cola teamed up with Delta Air Lines in a brand partnership which means that Coca-Cola products are being served to Delta's flight passengers as part of the collaboration.

Contrary to what you'd normally expect, it's Cola's branded napkins that caught the attention of various passengers. But not because of the quirky and fun rhetoric that we're used to from the fizzy drink company, but rather something that has been described as none other than 'creepy AF'.

On discovery of the flirtatious, suggestive and darn right silly messages printed on the napkins served on the plane, customers were quick to slam the strange branding for fear of the borderline-lewd and unsolicited behaviour that it seems to enforce, such as 'gawking' and unwanted phone numbers.

Since facing the uncomfortable criticisms, both companies have released a statement apologising for the ever-so-slightly-off branding.

Check out the video for more details.

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