This Is The Real Reason Mia Khalifa Supports West Ham

This Is The Real Reason Mia Khalifa Supports West Ham

On her recent trip to the UK, Mia Khalifa was in the stands to watch her team, West Ham, beat Arsenal 1-0. It was a brilliant day for the Hammers - but what was it that attracted Mia to supporting them as opposed to one of the Big Six?

Once known as the most infamous adult film star ever, Mia Khalifa is now carving out a name for herself as a sports commentator - and despite the fact she's American, it turns out she has a particular passion for the beautiful game!

Whilst visiting the UK to promote football app URef, Mia took time out to go and cheer on her side - West Ham United - in their match against Arsenal. She certainly proved to be a lucky charm for the Hammers as they managed to defeat the Gunners 1-0. 

However, many fans wondered what it was that led Mia to pick West Ham to be her team in the first place - and it turns out she has a very good reason. 

Check out the video above to see why Mia is such an avid Hammers supporter! 

Daisy Jones
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