Shakira's Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals A Little Too Much, Her Hips Really Don't Lie

Shakira's Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals A Little Too Much, Her Hips Really Don't Lie

The Colombian singer's followers found a photo of her where she appears to be dancing without underwear.

It's not the first time Shakira has social media buzzing. Whether it's about her work or her relationship with the football player Gerard Piqué, or her right hook. Shakira has consistently made headlines in the last few years. But this time around, there's no news, just a photo taken a few years ago that was recently leaked by fans.

Clearly, her followers have great attention to detail. They're always digging up and posting images of the Colombian singer, both from her present and from her past. The aforementioned photo was shared by a fan club account. It received so many comments, it went viral.

It's a picture from a few years ago, 2010 to be exact, taken during a performance of her new song 'Loca'. As usual, Shakira was shaking her hips, but she might have been going a little too hard... Her moves made her pants slide down, revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

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As expected, social media users couldn't help but make comments like "mmm you forgot your bikini". Either way, this is proof that the singer is still one of the most followed and beautiful women in the world.

Her fans were excited to hear that her 'El Dorado World Tour' concert documentary would be coming to theaters.

But while you wait, you'll probably want to check out our video and discover Shakira's wardrobe malfunction that set social networks on fire.

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