Jake Paul reveals dangerous method he uses to prevent brain damage from boxing

Jake Paul has revealed the unusual method he uses to prevent long term brain damage that can be caused from boxing.

The uber controversial boxer and social media star, Jake Paul, has admitted to self-medicating in order to prevent long term damage caused by receiving forceful blows to the head.

An unusual coping mechanism

In a candid interview with Graham Bensinger, Paul said he had taken up the use of psychedelics in the form of toad venom to protect himself from the long-term effects of brain damage as a result of boxing. He also revealed that he had suffered upwards of 20 concussions that date back to his earlier days as a football athlete. Paul explained that his ongoing battle with concussions have got to a point where they have left a mark on some of his motor skills. He explained:

Sometimes in my speech where there’s like every 100th or 200th word I’ll mess up or like slur – which I didn’t do that before.

Possibility of serious brain damage

Further, after getting a brain scan some years ago, it was revealed to him that part of his brain—the frontal lobe, to be exact—was missing a fairly significant amount of blood flow. In the long run, if this continues, this could have serious consequences of basic brain functions such as learning and retaining information. As a result of his proneness to concussions, according to Paul, he has been advised a number of times from his doctors to quit boxing all together to preserve his health.

But rest assured, for those of you out there who are die-hard fans, the 24-year-old has no plans of quitting boxing anytime soon. Instead, he says he has found a way to help him cope, which includes ingesting toad venom—otherwise known as DMT. He said:

Smoking toad [is an] ancient cultural thing [that] sounds crazy and it is but can actually increase the neural activity in your brain.
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