Tommy Fury believes he would have KO'd Jake Paul

Tommy Fury did not hold back when asked about his thoughts regarding Jake Paul's fight against retired mix martial artist Tyron Woodley.

Following the withdrawal from his fight against Jake Paul, Tommy Fury has come out saying that he is convinced he would have knocked him out if they had gone through with the fight.

Tommy Fury's brutal words to Jake Paul

The former Love Islander had nothing but brutal words to say about having missed his opportunity to fight against YouTube star Jake Paul. Though Woodley was knocked out by Paul in the sixth round, Fury was not at all impressed with his performance. In an interview with the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, Fury said:

I think he was very lucky that it wasn't me in there instead of Tyron Woodley. Because if it was me in there I honestly believe, I'm trying to give him credit but I just can't, he wouldn't have got past the opening bell.

He even compared his first ever fight post Love Island with the performance delivered by Paul against his opponent, by saying that:

If you watch my first round coming out of Love Island and Jake's first round, what I did to that man is exactly what I would have done to Jake Paul on Saturday night.

And added:

The guy I fought coming out of Love Island had 30 professional boxing bouts and was a kickboxing world champion, be it what it is.

'I'd have been smashing the jabs out there'

Fury has expressed his desire to fight Paul in the coming year to finally once and for all settle their feud, as he believes Paul is all talk and very little action. He concluded the interview by saying that:

People who come out and don't do anything, they get put to sleep and Jake Paul didn't do anything. I'd have been smashing the jabs out there, he doesn't move his head, and then I would have hit him with the right hand and he wouldn't have been there.
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul: This is the real reason Tommy withdrew from the fight Tommy Fury and Jake Paul: This is the real reason Tommy withdrew from the fight