This Dad Caused Carnage After Kissing His New Daughter In Law At His Son's Wedding

Parents can be extremely embarrassing at the best of times. Whether it’s shocking dance moves or crippling bad jokes, we all bear the brunt from time to time. But this gutsy father or rather boozed up father, took it to new extremes. Check out the video above to see the outrageous act unfold, as well as the new husband's reaction.

Family weddings are often seen as a chore to attend especially for the more distant you are from the bride and groom. This wedding however had it all. Drunken behaviour, drama and a fight; what wedding would be complete without them? One father took things way too far though at a recent wedding in Yangcheng, eastern China.

A piece of footage viewed over 30 million times in China captured the sheer carnage caused by this drunk embarrassing dad. And by embarrassing we mean life-ruining behaviour. In the footage you can clearly see the middle aged man throw himself at his son’s bride. In what can only be described as him snogging his daughter in law’s face off, his actions unnerved the on-looking guests.

Evidently unhappy by his dad’s actions, the groom decided to confront his father engaging in a physical fight. After having to be pulled apart by numerous wedding guests, the groom and his family are now pleasing with people to stop sharing the video. His family said ‘we didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newlyweds have suffered because of it too’. The father expressed his ‘deep regret for his actions’ and admits he had far too much to drink.

Check out the video above to see footage of the incident for yourself!

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