Why you shouldn't go to the toilet after the first beer

You've probably already noticed: beer puts a lot of pressure on the bladder. But do you actually know why? Or do you know how to prevent it?

Whether in a club, during a football match or simply at the end of the day: beer is a drink that is often served around the world. Unfortunately, it also means that as soon as the glass is empty, you have to go to the toilet very urgently and frequently. We explain why this is the case and what you can do about it.

ADH is the culprit

According to Focus:

The consumption of beer causes a human body to produce more urine than normal. Alcohol intake reduces the release of ADH, a hormone whose job is to keep fluids in the body longer so that beneficial substances can be extracted.

In addition, the suppression of ADH causes the urine level in the body to rise, so it has to excrete much more urine than, for example, when consuming water, which is considered a true miracle cure. The carbonic acid does the rest: it puts additional pressure on the bladder, and ta da, we have to go to the toilet.

Close your eyes and get through it

The best tactic to avoid getting into the vicious circle of having to go to the toilet all the time is to delay going as long as possible. The body gets used to not being able to excrete urine immediately and can ignore the actual urge to get rid of urine for a relatively long time.

If, according to Focus:

You let yourself get carried away emptying the bladder, the impulse to pee is triggered again.

So: cheers and then eyes closed and through! After all, beer is apparently a true miracle weapon against Alzheimer's, provided it is not consumed too often.

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