The Latest Crazy Food Trend? Ramen Beer!

Do you feel like having a nice ramen beer? This question would probably disgust most people at first ... or maybe not! Either way, the recipe exists in Vancouver, Canada! Here, Julia Kubotani's restaurant offers this surprising dish.

We can like both ramen soup and beer, but the combination of the two does not immediately come to mind... And yet this combination was chef Julia Kubotani's idea, owner of the Yuu Japanase Kubotani restaurant in Vancouver.

You can be reassured though, it is not actually a ramen beer, but people are easily deceived by this perfect illusion. In fact the noodles are cooked in bonito stock, and the foam that looks like real beer head is actually a mix of gelatin and eggs.

To make the dish even more misleading, it is served in a large pint glass! Anyone would fall for this trap, and the photos of the restaurant’s many customers proves as much!

We can’t speak for everyone, but we prefer to look but not touch!

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