This Old Lady Was Sleeping Peacefully Until She Discovered Something Was Trying To Eat Her

Can you imagine sleeping peacefully, waking up and finding out you're about to be devoured? Well, that's what happened to a poor grandmother while she was resting, oblivious to any danger.

The events occurred in Thailand, where a woman in her 70s was resting peacefully in her bed. Suddenly, as if she had realized the danger he was in, she woke up and came face to face with the danger.

The footage that went viral was recorded by the security cameras that the woman had installed in her house, and they'll definitely give goosebumps to anyone who sees them. You can watch the whole scene in the video!

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The danger of pythons

With this type of snake, you should never lower your guard. This was reflected in the case of the woman who slept with her python until she realized that it wanted to eat her. And in this case, something similar happened.

Thankfully for Kaew Soodsph, she woke up in time to realise what was happening and the bite didn't have more serious consequences.

Check out the video above to see the spine-chilling footage for yourself!

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