Worst plague of fleas to hit the UK this autumn

The vampire-like pests are immune to poisons and resistant to shop-bought powders.

Worst plague of fleas to hit the UK this autumn
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Brits are being warned to brace up for what experts say might be the worst plague of fleas in years. It is thought the invasion is as a result of the unusual weather patterns across the UK over the past months.


According to experts, a warm autumn has created the right breeding conditions for these pesky parasites.

Chris Socratous, pet care expert at Bob Martin, said t

When you combine this with thousands of potentially first-time or inexperienced owners who welcomed a pet into their home during the various lockdowns, we could be facing one of the worst flea and tick seasons for years.

They are also warning that some of these may be 'super fleas' with high breeding abilities.

Responsible Pet Care

And here’s the kicker, they do not respond to poisons and shop-bought powders.

According to Socratous, the surest way to deal with them is to prevent them from entering homes.

It's really important that all pet owners keep on top of prevention and treatments, and ensure they're aware of the risks associated with flea, tick and worm infestations. It can be a nuisance at best, or at worst, life-threatening for you and your pet.

Tick bites can cause Lyme Disease in humans - a potentially life-threatening infection - although that is rare. They can be itchy and painful, with some flea bites also transmitting other harmful diseases.

Pet owners are tasked to be more responsible in applying anti-louse treatments properly.

A spokesman for pest controllers Basis Prompt said, the infestation of these pests could also be due to people leaving the central heating on longer each year, thereby creating the perfect breeding ground.

If you do have fleas in your home, you may even see them jumping on your carpet or furniture.
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