While working in the basement, this man made a disturbing discovery (VIDEO)

This man just wants to repair his cable connection. But then he made a horrifying discovery that would send a shiver down anyone's spine...

While Working In the Basement, This Man Made a Disturbing Discovery (VIDEO)
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You’re scared of mice or even ghosts in the basement? That’s nothing compared to what this man found! This video might just give you goosebumps...

Scary discovery

This man from Alabama, USA, doesn’t know what’s under his house. All he wanted to do was to repair his cable connection in the basement. But he was soon sent running when he saw the lethal creature that was lurking down there - a deadly rattlesnake with the power to kill a man. And it got worse and worse...

'This is nothing. We do this all the time'

The man called exterminators from Big Country Snake to get the animal out of the house as DPA reports. He reckoned there were one or two of them down there. But the exterminator counted 45 snakes! They were hiding in the basement to seek shelter. The company told USA Today:

This is nothing. We do this all the time.

The 18-minute video uploaded to Facebook shows the brave exterminator reaching in to grab the snakes, disrupting the nest and leading the rattlesnakes to snake their tails and bare their fangs. Since being posted the shocking video has earned over 300,000 views. The exterminators reported that the largest out of the 45 snakes was a whole 1.7 metres long!

Exterminators from Big Country Snake recalled that the house was well kept and had a trimmed yard. Because of this many people believe that they won't become victims to snakes, but the reality is thatsnakes don't prefer messy areas, they just go wherever they feel comfortable. They revealed:

rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive- they care simply about survival.

Take a look at the video above to see the terrifying footage for yourself...