Tourists left terrified as elephants charge their jeep

A group of tourists were left terrified and defenceless after two wild elephants attempted to charge at their vehicle in Sri Lanka.

The tourists can be heard screaming in the video showing two elephants charging at their vehicle while on a Sri Lankan Safari in Minneriya National Park.

The video shows a heard of elephantsin the distance and the tourists were undoubtedly excited when it looked like they were about to get a closer look.

However, animals were not intending to amuse the group but rather run at their Jeep. The video shows two elephants suddenly deciding to charge the 4x4 sending the group into a fit of terror.

Newslions/Jam Press

Nervous laughter was had all round when the huge creatures changed their minds and backed away. Leaving thetouristsrelieved and with a new thrill for life.

It is not known what prompted theelephants to make such an aggressive move but reports claim that they heard might have been spooked by the approaching car or were even protecting their territory.

Luckily no damage was done to the people or the great beasts as the driver managed to accelerate and faster than the elephants could run.

Angered elephant destroys tourists’ vehicle during a safari Angered elephant destroys tourists’ vehicle during a safari