Toddler discovered a snake nest and his reaction was priceless

This video of a toddler will put parents on the edge of their seats. The footage shows a child who fearlessly discovered a snake pit and stuck his hands right in!

One video from Asia is going viral. Recently shared on social media, the video showed a toddler who had found some rather unusual playmates.

A toddler was playing in a snake pit without a care in the world

The video shows a toddler who couldn’t even walk, let alone speak. The infant was sitting in a snake pit, fearlessly reaching into the mass of moving reptiles.

The child bravelytook out one snake after the other and handed it to the cameraman who proceeded to put them into a large bag. The toddler seemed to be really enjoying this since when a woman briefly tried to stop them from what they were doing, they clearly weren’t very happy.

Possibly a daily occurrence

Although every spectator will have a different opinion when they witness this scene, for the baby and the parents, dealing with snakes like this seems to be a daily occurrence and nobody was panicking as you might expect them to, and nobody tried to stop the child from doing what they were doing.

However, we do not recommend you try this at home. There are more than enough cases of people who thinkthatsnakes are harmless, but then barely escape with their lives.

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