Three brothers have been bitten by a black widow in an attempt to become Spider-Man

In a feat that could only be the product of brotherly antics, three Bolivian brothers were all hospitalised after bitten by a black widow in an attempt to become Spiderman.

Three Brothers Have Been Bitten by a Black Widow in an Attempt to Become Spider-Man
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The incident occurred in the province of Chayanta, in the southwestern Bolivian Potosi department where three young boys aged 8, 10 and 12 decided that the best and most sure-fire way to become Spiderman was to be bitten by a black widow spider.

The boys were clearly huge fans of the superhero and wanted to take their admiration to a level above holding your arms out and pretending to have webs shooting out of them.

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The boys were tending to the sheep when they discovered the spider and quick smart came up with a plan to be the first three brother superhero trio. However, instead of developing superpowers, the boys developed symptoms of the spider's venomous bitesuch as muscle pains and spasms, stomach pain and a rapid heart rate.

Black widow spiders have a bite that is 15 times more venomous than a rattlesnake but it often does not have anyfatal effects in adults, although children are at more risk of the dangerous effects.

After discovering the siblings all with a fever and trembling uncontrollably, the mother took them to the local children's hospital where they were all given an anti-venom.

After five days all three had made a full recovery and surely learnt a very important lesson... next time make sure it's a radioactive spider.