This Wildebeest Was Being Attacked By A Crocodile - Until An Even Bigger Predator Came To Its Rescue

This Wildebeest Was Being Attacked By A Crocodile - Until An Even Bigger Predator Came To Its Rescue

In Kruger Park in South Africa people were witness to an impressive scene, a crocodile’s attack on a wildebeest, but it did not end as they thought it would.

In Africa, crossing rivers is an necessary step for some species if they want to continue their journey. However, the waves are a major danger for these animals because it is where predators are hiding and waiting for one thing, making an antelope, zebra or wildebeest their lunch.

Wildebeest vs crocodile

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, people were witness to a terrible example of this law of nature. While watching a herd of wildebeest cross a river, one of them was attacked by a nearby crocodile. As dangerous as it is patient, the reptile caught one of the hind legs of the wildebeest before pulling it into the water.

The wildebeest tried to run to free his paw from the embrace of the crocodile but the latter held firm. The duel lasted for several long minutes that greatly fatigued the mammal. Just when everything seemed lost, some unexpected help came to the rescue. Two hippopotamuses slowly approached the scene of the struggle.

Suddenly they joined the fray, probably hitting the crocodile in the process who could only let go, leaving the wildebeest an opportunity to free itself and run away. Although the animal appeared to have the bottom of its leg broken, it finally managed to escape the threat under the delighted gaze of the people watching the scene.

Most likely territorial behaviour

‘We could not believe how rare the situation was, I had never seen a hippo help another animal, it was just amazing,’ said one of the witnesses. Although this ‘rescue’ could pass at first glance as helping out their fellow animal, the hippos most likely acted to protect their territory.

These massive mammals are known to be particularly territorial and attack any animal that ventures into their perimeter. It is therefore possible that the duo saw the wildebeest as an intruder and therefore decided to charge it to get it out of the water, which allowed it to be released.

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Helping out or aggressiveness, the witnesses will in any case have a poignant memory of the scene. ‘Remember that when you go to Kruger, never rush and always be patient because these extraordinary sights are everywhere,’ concluded the witness.

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