This Shark Would Not Let Go of This Man's Arm (Video)

This man must have had one hell of a scare! During a trip to the beach, he ended up with a shark hanging off of his arm for almost an hour, a moment we're sure he won't soon forget.

Sharks are amazing animals, and somehow always have the ability to fascinate us. They're often making headlines around the world because and this is yet another case. Jensen Beach, Florida, has recently become a hot topic because of a recent incident involving a nurse shark. The small shark would not let go of a local bathers arm. The scene will forever be remembered thanks to a video that was shared to social media. Needless to say, we're happy it wasn't us at the other end of the shark's teeth.

Nurse Shark Latches Onto Man’s Arm

This shark latched onto this man's arm and wouldn't let go! 😱🦈

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

In the video, you can see the man and the shark standing on the beach, surrounded by the public as well as lifeguards. As they weren't sure how to fix the situation, they decided to call the paramedics. All attempts to remove the shark and make it let go unfortunately failed.

The shark kept biting harder and harder. According to the Scottish Sun, the man in question had to be taken to the hospital where doctors finally managed to detach the shark. It was more fear than harm in the end, as both the man and the animal managed to escape without serious injury. The shark was released back into the ocean after hanging on for almost 45 minutes.

As the media outlet points out, nurse sharks are harmless as long as they are not bothered. According to the authorities, the bather had been playing with the shark for several minutes before the incident occurred.

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