This is how fast snake venom can kill you

If you’ve got a fear of snakes, best to turn back now. Even the sight of a snake is enough to scare of someone with ophiophobia... and they’re not wrong. Check out the video to see how a bite from a venomous could lead to a quick death.

If you’re out on a hike through the forest and we tell you to be careful of snakes, we’ve got good reason to warn you. Some of the most fast acting snake venoms could kill you in less than one hour!

Most of them luckily, are actually scared of humans and will usually scurry away at the slightest sense of vibration. Nevertheless, we urge you to remain vigilant when exploring the outback, or even your backyard!

Defence against predators

However, there are some snakes that respond differently to potential threats. Snakes have three different methods of doing away with a potential prey or threat: constriction, swallowing whole, or venom injection.

If a snake does bite you, we suggest you don't do what this man did and bite it back... Just let it go and focus on seeking out medical attention!

The latter of the three options is without a doubt the most interesting. In the above video, you can see first-hand the effects that snake venom has on the human body. Fortunately, only one type of venomous snake is found in the UK–the adder. Steer clear if you spot one in the wild!

Incase you don't know what they look like, check out the image below:

Adder Snake Getty Images

Check out the video above for a demonstration of just how dangerous snake venom really is!

This is the second deadliest snake—can you spot it? This is the second deadliest snake—can you spot it?