Onlookers were left stunned as this anaconda swallowed its massive prey in front of the cameras

A video shot in Brazil shows a green anaconda measuring over 20 feet swallowing and then regurgitating a mysterious meal. Eyes bigger than your stomach indeed!

Brazil is the country with the largest snakes in the world. Among them is the green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). With a size often exceeding 20 feet (7 metres) for males and a weight of up to 200 kg, the species is considered the largest and heaviest.

It also goes without saying that coming face to face with a green anaconda is a pretty incredible experience, especially when you don't expect it. Usually, the snakehunts at night, however, it can sometimes do so during the day. So imagine the surprise of the people behind the camera when they found an anaconda in the middle of a meal.

In the video, we can see the snake struggling with an imposing mammal. And despite the size of the reptile, it seems that it had its eyes bigger than its stomach since it is regurgitating the beast it had just swallowed in front of the camera.

This amazing scene in the heart of the Amazon sparked a debate centred on the nature of the prey. While some have spoken of a cow in view of the animal's spots, others have rather leaned towards a large rodent, such as a capybara, which is indeed one of the favourite dishes of Brazilian anacondas.

Check out the video to see the incredible scene unfold!

Impressive Images of an Anaconda Swallowing Its Prey (Video) Impressive Images of an Anaconda Swallowing Its Prey (Video)