Locals left horrified as a woman's body was cut out of a crocodile

Indonesian locals were left traumatised after witnessing a woman being eaten by a crocodile, then fished out of its stomach soon after.

Eyewitnesses claimed that Fatimah was fishing on from a river in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, when friends heard her screams. The locals could only watch as a crocodile attacked her, dragging her into the water.

Angry residents rallied soon after and a search operation was concluded with residents and police hunting down the croc on a riverbank and killing the 6-metre beast that took their friend.

Viral Press

The 45-year-old woman's body was then retrieved from the stomach of the beast. Head of the Tarakan National SAR Agency, Amiruddin, claimed:

The police first shot the crocodile. Then, the stomach of the crocodile was cleaved, and pieces from the victim's body were found.

More of Fatimah's body was later found near the river after being discarded by the hungry reptile.

The woman's remains were then handed over to her family for burial but in her passing laid an important message on behalf of the Indonesian police. Amiruddin stated:

We have warned residents to stay away from the water as there could be more crocodiles in the area. People need to make a livelihood from the water so it's not always possible to avoid it but they should take extra care.
28-year-old British woman in a coma after suffering crocodile attack 28-year-old British woman in a coma after suffering crocodile attack