Reptile Enthusiast Discovers 'Horribly Deformed' Snake Inside Egg
Reptile Enthusiast Discovers 'Horribly Deformed' Snake Inside Egg
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Reptile Enthusiast Discovers 'Horribly Deformed' Snake Inside Egg

He thought it was strange that his snake eggs weren’t hatching. Therefore, he decided to open them to see what was wrong inside and what he discovered is terrifying.

Jay Brewer is a reptile enthusiast that mainly deals with snakes. He has hundreds of predators and he noticed that one of them had been nesting and caring for its eggs for weeks.

Although the eggs were supposed to be hatching, nothing was happening. The worried man then decided to help the youngsters be born and broke the shell. He put his hand inside and what he saw left him in shock.

The baby snakeswere deformed, so much so that it would not have been possible for them to survive. Remember those terrifying creatures from horror films? Watching the video, you half expect one to pop out of his chest screeching like something out of an 'Alien' movie.

The expert assures that the new-borns luckily weren’t in pain. As a reptile enthusiast, he was simply fascinated with the deformities that occurred.

Jay Brewer filmed this rare scene and the video quickly went viral on Facebook. Internet users were left horrified. They didn’t understand how he could put his hands in the eggs without being disgusted and worrying about what would happen.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

By Eric Allen

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