From Giant Dogs To Mini Crocodiles, These Animals Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Enormous rabbits, giant dogs and even tiny frogs: some animals look quite surprising when they are an unusual size.

Although nature has some extraordinary species, some of the animals we’re around every day can be sometimes quite surprising. Imagine a dog that, on two legs, is as tall as you, or even a pony the same size as a Labrador! On the beach by the ocean, you could also stumble across an enormous stingray weighing more than 200kg… In sum, there is a miniature and an XXL form of every animal.

Animals are full of surprises. Both bewildered tourists and other individuals have shared photos of unusually-sized or unusually-shaped animals they’ve found on social media. And this has led to some photos that we can barely believe are real because some of the animals look like they’ve mutated!

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Here is a collection of the best of these pictures. Look closely, none of the images have been photoshopped or edited, these animals are well and truly huge or tiny!

By Anna Wilkins

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