Farmer left baffled after his sheep gave birth to a rare cyclops lamb

An Indonesian farmer named Pipih was left in complete shock when one of his sheep gave birth to a rare mutant cyclops lamb.

The one-eyed lamb was born on Pipih's farm in West Java, Indonesia giving everyone a bit of a shock. Pipih claimed that the mother and the rest of the litter were all fully formed and normal except for the one mutant lamb. The farmer stated:

I didn't expect it to birth a lamb with one eye. I take care of my sheep and none of them have any diseases.

The lamb was having trouble eating and breathing so Pipih decided to turn to his neighbours for help. Unfortunately many were suspicious and believed that the black cyclops lamb would bring bad luck.

Pipih was told by other locals that the sheep may actually be the reincarnation of Dajjal, a demon who comes back disguised as agoat.


However, the farmer hopes that instead, the rare cyclops is actually a sign good luck:

The mother gave birth to two lambs. The other one is normal. I hope this will be a good sign and bring blessings to the family.

Despite efforts from Pipih and his family, the lamb passed after just two days as due to its struggles eating and breathing. Village official Cucu Sunarya paid a visit to the creature to check it for any diseases but found the creature perfectly healthy aside from his malformed face. He stated:

There is no other factor for its death. It can't be cold, because there was no rain yet. It can't eat properly and was only given a few drops of milk at a time using a pacifier.

The passed lamb was believed to be born with cyclopia, a very rare defect in the womb that prevents the development of the eye cavity.

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