A squirrel gets drunk after eating a fermented pear (VIDEO)

An American woman living in Minnesota saw a squirrel in a state of apparent intoxication in her garden. The video of the little animal then went viral.

This astonishing scene, which took place just a few days ago in Minnesota (USA), has already made its way around the web. In the garden of her home in the town of Inver Grove Heights, American Katy Morlok was able to observe and film a small squirrel... in a state of obvious intoxication, after the little creature had eaten some fruit that was a little too ripe.

A drunken squirrel

As you can see in the video at the top of the article, the squirrel seems quite disoriented following his meal, which was a fermented pear that Katy had taken out of her fridge to feed the nearby wild animals, her new socially-distanced hobby.

After putting the fruit in a bowl that was later placed in her garden, Katy decided to watch which little creature would come and take it. It was one of the squirrels who often visited her, whom she herself nicknamed ‘Lil Red,’ who approached first, stole the pear, and climbed up a tree to feast on his treat.

An hour later, the animal returned... in an advanced state of intoxication. Katy quickly understood that the pear was to blame. ‘And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears’ that she had left in the garden after Lil Reds’ first visit, she told Fox 9.

A first for the animal-lover

This was the very first time Katy had been able to observe such a phenomenon. The homeowner confided that she was worried about the small animal all night long... But was quickly reassured the next day. ‘In the morning, he came back for his little hangover breakfast and he’s been fine ever since,’ she said. She posted the video on Youtube, and it has since been a huge success!

Watch the video above to see this little guy stumbling over!

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