A hunter stumbled upon a nest of baby rattlesnakes and found a huge two-headed snake

On August 16th, a professional American snake hunter stumbled upon a nest of 11 baby rattlesnakes while following a snake of the same family through a bush. Among them, he noticed a huge two-headed baby snake, coiled up in a corner of the den.

While Tending to a Snakes Nest One Hunter Discovered a Two-Headed Rattlesnake
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Getty is an American professional hunter who works at Rattlesnake Solutions, a snake conservation company located on a golf course in Arizona, USA. On August 16th, he stumbled upon a nest of baby rattlesnakes while tracking a dangerous reptile. He discovered an unusual baby snake lying in the corner, a two-headed snake which was twice as big as its siblings. But as Getty got closer, he noticed that the snake was dead and already decomposing.

'The body of the snake seemed to be quite large and disproportionate compared to its siblings. It was just over double the size of a normal baby rattlesnake. Apparently, it died shortly after birth. Once I pulled it out of the hole, honestly, I lost my mind a little,' Getty told McClatchy News.

The hunter doesn't know what killed the two-headed snake, but he thinks it's related to its abnormality. Rattlesnake Solutions decided not to release the remains of the two-headed snake to researchers.

One of the ten most dangerous snakes in the United States

The western rattlesnake is one of the ten most dangerous snakes in the country. Its venom causes massive internal bleeding in humans. This is the second time the company has dealt with a two-headed rattlesnake in recent years. The first was an Arizona black rattlesnake born in Rattlesnake Solutions with one head and three-quarters of another head. It lived for about a year and a half.