Stopping Drinking For A Few Days A Week Really Could Save Your Life

A health company in England is now advising that you spend a few days a week without drinking alcohol. There are lots of health problems connected to alcohol consumption and they should be taken seriously. Maxiscience will now explain.

Regularly consuming alcohol can have real consequences in terms of your health. And when alcohol is involved in your day to day activities, it becomes a lot easier to get addicted.

Obesity, heart problems and cancer

Consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can have serious consequences in terms of your health such as a high blood pressure, heart problems and an increased risk of developing 7 different types of cancer. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories, so the risks of obesity and becoming overweight increase when we drink regularly. Sally Davies, a doctor working as a consultant for the Department of Health in England recommends that you drink a maximum of 14 units of alcohol (6 glasses of 175ml of wine) per week. The Department of Health has since launched an outreach campaign in order to make people at risk more aware of these risks, particularly those between the ages of 45-65.

A reduced life expectancy

The recent study has discovered that women lose 1.3 years off their life expectancy, and men lose 1.6 years when they reach 40 years old and they drink more than the recommended amount. Dr Julia Verne, a representative at Public Health England explains to the BBC.

‘Having a day off drinking gives you a chance to clean your system and give your liver a rest. It also has an immediate impact on your sleep and calorie consumption.’

But then, why should we miss a day instead of just reducing how much we drink?

‘People have also told us that the idea of a ‘drink-free’ day is much easier to manage than cutting down, say, from one large glass of wine to a small glass of wine,’ explains Dr. Julia Verne.

‘Most middle-aged people are not drinking to become drunk. They see it as a social activity or as a reward for success or compensation for a hard day work.’ So if you want some advice on how to keep healthy? Consider laying off the drink for a few days a week, your liver will thank you!

Drinking one beer a day could be ‘very good for your health’ Drinking one beer a day could be ‘very good for your health’