How beneficial is dry January really?

The effects of binning the booze might leave you very surprised when you find out just how many aspects of your life can dramatically change.

How beneficial is dry January really?
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How beneficial is dry January really?

Ever wondered what would happen to your body if you stuck through an entire month of not drinking alcohol? Well, if you're curious enough to actually want to try it (what with 'dry January' being in our midst) then we can tell you already that it might very well be one of the best things you do for yourself.

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After the incredibly tumultuous year this has been for just about everyone on the planet, not to mention the holidays having just passed us as well, our livers might be in dyer need of a break from drinking alcohol.

What are some of the more noticeable differences?

Just one month of no alcohol could have immediate positive consequences on your body, your mind and your ability to mindfully upkeep a more moderate and healthy pattern of drinking. Nutritionists and fitness coaches believe that short periods of no imbibing can dramatically improve memory, mental clarity, sleep, virility, fertility and even weight loss.

Dietitian Lee Holmes explains that:

at its core, alcohol is a depressant, which means that when it reaches the brain, it slows down the body's systems. Because alcohol is difficult for the body to process and is absorbed quickly, even in the short term it can place extra pressure on the liver, as the liver can only process about one drink per hour.

This means that the effects of abstinence can be felt almost immediately after you decide to stop drinking as your liver naturally starts to regenerate itself.

What does this mean for your wallet?

And not only is this good for the mind and body, but for your bank account as well! One study from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in 2020, drinkers spent an average of $1,891 on alcohol.

If we put these numbers into perspective, this amount of money could have been used in much more productive and beneficial ways. Perhaps that money could have been used to go towards a brand new laptop or even on guitar or language lessons with a private tutor.

So if you've been considering taking a break from booze-drinking tell yourself you'll be gaining much more in ways you probably did not even think of.

These are the surprising health benefits of dry January These are the surprising health benefits of dry January