These Two Original Exercises Will Work Your Abs To The Max

Tired of doing crunches? Try these two exercises that are original enough to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Crunches, push-ups, sit-ups... despite the varied list of exercises that strengthen the abs, we tend to do only a small part of them. So that after a while you may find it boring (because nothing is worse than routine).

To solve the problem, Men's Health coach Ebenezer Samuel regularly offers unusual variants and finishers. Here are two of them, specially selected to work on the abs.

1. Sit-up with bar

On an inclined bench, take a straight bar and place it in front of your outstretched chest. Raise your chest so that it is parallel to the ground and hold the position for one to two seconds. Perform 3 sit-ups by raising the bar above your head. Alternate motion and isometry until you can’t continue. Repeat three times.

2. Dragon flag dropset

On a flat bench, sit at the end, keeping your shoulders, upper back and head supported. The legs and buttocks must not touch the bench. Take a medicine ball between your legs and make a dragon flag. Hold the position for 4 to 6 seconds and then release the ball. Hold the position again and finish with scissors. Repeat three times.

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