WW2 artillery gets stuck in patient’s rectum when he ‘slipped and fell’ on it

Bomb disposal experts were called to the A&E when a civilian presented with the armour-piercing projectile lodged in his rectum.

The bomb squad was called in when a man arrived at a hospital in Gloucester with a military artillery lodged in his bottom. Medics feared the munition was live and could explode.

‘Slipped and Fell’

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team (EOD) arrived at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday morning in response to a call about a man who had a WWII artillery shell stuck in his rectum.

According to reports, the unnamed patient said he slipped and fell on the projectile, which was part of his private arsenal of military collectibles.

The 17cm by 6cm armour-piercing projectile was later identified as being a World War II shell that were typically shot from six-pounder anti-tank guns.

A hospital spokesman said:

As with any incident involving munitions, the relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure there was no risk to patients, staff or visitors at any time.

The object was removed from the patient's behind before the bomb squad arrived at the hospital. The team assured staff of the facility that the projectile was not live and there was no threat of it exploding. A source told The Sun:

It was a solid shot round. It was a chunky, pointed lump of lead designed to rip through a tank’s armour. It was basically an inert lump of metal, so there was no risk to life — at least not to anyone else’s.

Cost To NHS

A doctor who works with The Sun, Carol Cooper said the patient could have died if the object had pierced his guts.

The range of objects that are pushed into rectums is incredible, from wine glasses to ketchup bottles and parts of hoovers. Sadly, it is an everyday occurrence in A&E — but I have never heard of the bomb squad being called out before.

It is estimated that the National Health Service spends £350,000 every year on treatments involving people shoving random objects in their behinds.

Items such as beer bottles, toothbrushes, wine corks are some of the items that have found their ways into the bodies of Brits over the years.

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