Webcam model accidentally shoots herself in the vagina while filming

A webcam model was in the middle of shooting an X-rated content for her subscribers when the incident happened.

A webcam model accidentally shot herself in the vagina in the middle of filming X-rated content for her fans. The woman was reportedly alone in her bedroom when the incident happened.

Gun Blunder

Adult content creator, Lauren Hunter Damon, 27, was alone in her room in a residence in Thomaston, Georgia on November 09 when the firearm was discharged.

When police arrived at the scene, there was already a paramedic present, holding the unloaded handgun. The medical official told the police:

The female had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally.

Jordan Allen is one of the several residents of the house in which the incident happened. He told law enforcement officials that the gun belonged to him and that he had lent it to the model to use for her work as a cam model for adult web platform, Chaturbate where she:

...makes sexual videos of herself and people pay her to see them.

"Reckless Conduct"

According to him, he was in the kitchen when he heard the gunshot and rushed to help Lauren. He saw that she had a ‘small amount of blood’ running down her leg.

She was moved from her home to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, where a helicopter then flew her to a nearby hospital.

Thankfully, the shot did not cause any serious damage to her. Authorities have classified the incident as 'reckless conduct' and it is unlikely that they will press any charges.

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