This Man Has Invented A Pill To Change The Scent Of Your Farts...

This Man Has Invented A Pill To Change The Scent Of Your Farts...

The greatest invention of the 21st century.

A 69-year-old man from Mayenne, France, is the genius behind an invention that will undoubtedly revolutionize the 21st century. He has, indeed, developed a capsule that will make your farts smell like...lily of the valley. This isn't Christian Poincheval's first attempt, as this is his fifth scent. In fact, the following scents are already available: rose, violet, chocolate, and ginger. An ordinary hero whose work will forever be engraved in history books.

Christian Poincheval spoke about his incredible invention, as well as the origins of this project: "Ten years ago, I got out of a restaurant in Switzerland. I had eaten great things, but my digestion was dramatic. My stomach was bloated and the odours were unpleasant flatulence-wise, and I thought, "This can't be, you have to develop a pill that scents farts!"

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We will end this article by, once again, giving the floor to the inventor of these capsules to perfume farts, with yet another word of wisdom: "On May 1st, you can now do what you like, fart lily of the valley!"

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