200 Surgeries And This Woman Is The Ultimate Real-Life Cartoon Character

Pixee Fox is obsessed with becoming a real-life, living cartoon character - so much so that she has had over 200 operations to alter her body.

Since her first procedure back in 2011, the 29-year-old, who lives in North Carolina, has spent more than £500,000 on extreme plastic surgery.

It's not just the surgery itself that costs money - Pixee has to fly across the world to undergo procedures that aren't legal in the US and Europe because of how dangerous they are. She flew to India to have her eye colour permanently changed to an unnatural sea-green colour and jetted off to South Korea to have her jaw broken and reshaped in a procedure that risked leaving her permanently paralysed.

Her other operations include four boob jobs, liposuction, a bum lift and labioplasty. Her nose and ears have been reshaped and she famously had six ribs removed in order to achieve an eye-wateringly tiny 15-inch waist.

Pixee's goal is to emulate cartoon women such as Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Wonder Woman. She explained to the Daily Mail: 'Those cartoon characters represent the idealisation of the female body. I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face.'

Pixee plans to launch a book and film series for children, starring herself as a crime-fighting superhero. She says the series will be unlike other superhero stories as she will be showing 'real world struggles'...

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