This WWII Fighter Jet DESTROYS Runway During Take Off
This WWII Fighter Jet DESTROYS Runway During Take Off
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This WWII Fighter Jet DESTROYS Runway During Take Off

Those who saw this will certainly remember the scene for a long time: the plane they were watching taking off destroyed the runway!

There is always something impressive about an airplane taking off, like the huge Airbus Beluga XL. But the one you can observe in this footage will surprise you even more. In any case, we would not have liked to be near.

An old fighter plane that is still very powerful

The Vampire Havilland WZ507 is a fighter plane that was used in 1944 during the Second World War. It is so powerful that it completely destroyed the landing strip of Halfpenny Green, United Kingdom, during its takeoff. One wonders how the pilot was able to keep his cool and continue his manoeuvre.

Impressive footage

The heat and the breath of the exhaust unstuck the tarmac from the runway, which got cut up into pieces. We can see on the video that the spectators cannot believe it - and we would not have felt reassured in their place, a bit like when a jet fighter flew very close to an American beach.

A track in pieces

When you see the speed with which the track is cut up into pieces, we think that it must already have been fragile enough to end up in this state. One thing is certain: this track has been out of order for a very long time! It will certainly be necessary to rebuild it completely. We hope no other fighter jet was trying to take off again right after.

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