This Russian man tried to board a plane naked for the most bizarre reason

This man is just clearly another misunderstood genius.

In 1909, Louis Blériot became the first man to cross the Channel by plane. In 2009, Chesley Sullenberger made history for his spectacular landing on the Hudson. Last year, this genius joined these two pilots by becoming a legend of aviation. Indeed, the 38-year-old Russian man was arrested at Moscow's Domodedovo airport for his controversial theories about the best way to fly.

The brave man tried to board naked, for reasons that were explained by another passenger of the plane on Russian television:

He shouted that he was naked because clothes altered the body's aerodynamics. He flies with more agility when undressed.

Fortunately,airline workers did not allow the man to get past the gates. Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs then detained the 38-year-old in a medical room before getting him transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation...Fair enough.

A witness whose brain will now be forever scarred with the image of the naked man spoke to the REN TV Network stating that the guy seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Many other witnesses snapped some videos of the naked man being tackled and handcuffed by police, some of which can be seen in the video above.

Representatives for Domodedovo airport and Ural Airlines both refused to comment on the situation. But, next time hopefully our drunk man realises that his 'aerodynamic' advantage is best used outside of a giant metal tube.

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