This Michigan dispensary is offering free bud to COVID-19 vaccine receivers

One American weed dispensary has announced they will give away free bud to anyone who receives a coronavirus vaccine.

To truly ensure that the public is safe from coronavirus,as many as possible need to be vaccinated. And, for those that need a little help with their decision the Greenhouse of Walled Lake has decided to provide a little 'incentive.'

Greenhouse offers joints for jabs

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake in Michigan has announced that anyone who has had acoronavirus vaccination can bring proof to their dispensary in order to receive a free pre-rolled joint.

However, to take advantage of this reward, you will need to be over 21 and have a valid medical card. Owner of the establishment, Jerry Millen, announced in a statement that his plan is to raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19:

Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination as we as a community battle this horrible pandemic.

Millen continued to say that his ‘Pots for Shots’ initiative also hopes to help the local community see some normalcy:

'Pot for Shots' is our way of showing our commitment in assisting helping the community get back to normalcy. We support the safe and responsible use of cannabis and hope this is the beginning of the end of this insidious pandemic.

Michigan has seen over half a million cases of COVID

Since the pandemic began Michigan has recorded over 500,000 cases of coronavirus and over 14,000 deaths, making it the 24th most-affected state in the US.

The state is now trying to roll out their vaccine program as fast as possible but has been having trouble keeping up with the demands.

First prioritised for vaccines in Michigan include those over 65 as well as healthcare workers and vulnerable citizens. However, the state has had over 444,000 requests for the vaccine this week which is double their allowance of 258,100 doses.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer confirmed that the excess requests for jabs are a good sign that people are showing confidence in vaccine and that with a little patience everyone will be seen to:

Please be patient, we do not have enough vaccines and it takes time to administer, but we are building quickly and it looks like we're going to be coming into more vaccines soon. This is the greatest tool we have to end this pandemic.
Experts urge covid-19 vaccine receivers to avoid alcohol Experts urge covid-19 vaccine receivers to avoid alcohol